Madigan Throws The First Stone

In the event Alexi Giannoulias gets elected, House Speaker Michael Madigan would like you to know that he's not a fan.

Powerful Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan today had a bit of
a chuckle at the expense of Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Alexi

Asked if the problems at the Giannoulias
family-owned Broadway Bank would affect the candidate's voter support
in the Senate race, Madigan replied, "I'm glad I don't have any
deposits there."

Awww...that's sweet. Actually, it is. Compared to what Madigan has said about Cook County Assessor James Houlihan recently, after Houlihan tried to pin the property tax bill lag on a Madigan ally, this is downright kind. Of course, this is just the beginning. The longer Alexi hangs around, the more elected officials will try to distance themselves from him, particularly if they believe he's going to lose to Mark Kirk, thus ending his political career.

Poor sexy Lexi. Just can't catch a break. Especially now that I've discovered that people call him "Sexy Lexi." Because that's hilarious and I'm going to use it until its long outlived its novelty.

UPDATE: The Illinois GOP YouTube user "MobBanker" released this video entitled "if I had $20 Million," running through Alexi and his family's shady dealings. I guess I'll forgive the outdated cultural reference/parody material...this time...but only because the information contained herein is pretty comprehensive.


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  • Well, I sat through the YouTube. While it makes various connections, such as Alexi with Blago and a short one with Durbin, him dribbling the basketball implies but leaves out the most important one--i.e. when he ran for State Treasurer, a certain junior senator from Illinois said that Alexi was the finest young man he knew. Apparently, according to that endorser, a qualification is playing basketball, which seems to discriminate against the short. Running a bank that makes loans to the mob apparently doesn't detract from the young man's fineness.

    As far as Madigan, the post properly implies that he will cozy up to the eventual winner. What I find hard to figure out (except to prop up the indefensible Berrios) is why Madigan is going after Houlihan, when Houlihan isn't running for anything this time around, unless Houlihan was in on the Claypool announcement a week before it was leaked by Carol Marin.

    The real question is whether Illinois voters understand the deep doodoo in which Quinn, Giannoulias, and Berrios should find themselves, or leave these Democrats off the hook by voting as usual? At least the voters showed some sense in the case of Todd.

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