Michelle Obama Fires Shot In Food Wars

i have a confession: I don't love Chicago pizza. My boyfriend kind-of, sort-of almost considered this a "dealbreaker" in the 30 Rock-iest sense of the term (although my initial opposition to hot dogs is the story that really lives on in infamy...I had my full-on angels-singing, halo-encouraging conversion experience in the parking lot of Gene 'n Judes). Its not that I don't like the general theory or can't deal with the fact that the sauce is actually on top rather than on the bottom where it belongs, it's the sour crust. I have a habit of eating everything out of the center and leaving a pretty, toppings-soaked bowl in the middle of the box.

But I realize this shortcoming is like hating freedom and whatnot and I live with the scarlet letter. Most people are forgiving because they don't hate me for pizza-motivated reasons. At least not yet. Michelle Obama may not emerge from her confession unscathed, though.

Michelle Obama took her mother, daughters, and three of their
friends to acclaimed Brooklyn pizzeria Grimaldi's yesterday, and what started out as a casual lunch is now reigniting longstanding tensions between two bitterly warring factions: the Chicago-style pizza crowd vs. NYC.

The Grimaldi's waiter who served the family, Rafal Harajda, told City Room
that after they finished their meal of four pies--a plain, a pepperoni,
a sausage and one with mushrooms, peppers and onions--the First Lady of
the United States of America declared, "It was better than Chicago pizza." Which must cut like a pizza slicer for Chicago, seeing as Obama is from their hometown. Harajda later clarified the First Lady's statement, but did not contradict it.

Either way, of course, she's falling back on her pledge to fight childhood obesity by encouraging the consumption of healthy foods, unless you consider the cardboard with grease they tend to serve in NYC as a diet food. Also, unlike her husband, she's originally from Chicago, so while his pizza-related transgressions are occasionally forgivable, Chicago Tea Partiers, this may, in fact, be your key to success.

DC, of course, despite the Top Chef being filmed there, is not really a "food" town, so I can't blame her if her taste has degraded since moving there. DC thinks its some sort of spectacular Mecca for high quality cuisine, but like pretty much everything else there, including the legislative staffs, it thinks its top notch and better than you, while remaining completely oblivious to the state of affairs anywhere outside the Beltway. They "invented" tapas. Their take on shredded sea food is "so original." People who serve food in Adams Morgan don't wear suits and have tattoos and facial piercings. Its so...revolutionary. 

Enough trash talking. I'll leave you with my pizza rankings.

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  • Love it all, thick pizza and thin crust pizza too. Around here though, most places fail on one of the two most important aspects of thin pizza. Good crispy crust and a good and tasty sauce. The crust usually trips up most places and for years and years I've been working to get a good crispy crust on my pies. Thick crust pizza are much easier to master.

  • In reply to Framness:

    I love the thin crust pizza. Never had it until I moved here.

    I think you're right...its a delicate balance between the sauce and the crust. If the crust is too sour, the acid in the tomatoes makes a bad combination. Gino's has a really sour crust.

  • In reply to Framness:

    Next piece of breaking news, Michelle Obama puts ketchup on her hotdogs.

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