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Monster Trucks: Lost Without Democrats

A new study from National Media, Inc. examined people’s sports viewing habits in relation to their voting habits. What they found: Republicans love are largely fans of sports that involve longer and/or silly-looking pants, Democrats are more likely to enjoy events that allow Republicans to question their patriotism. Except Monster Trucks. Democrats love Monster Trucks.... Read more »

Repeal Health Care? Errr...Probably Not.

In case you were wondering, Barbara Streisand has a column at Huffington Post. This week, she used it to complain that Republicans did what Republicans are want to do when they are the minority party and that is…be an annoyingly stalwart opposition to the President’s agenda. She goes on for about a thousand words, blissfully... Read more »

Lindsay Lohan Now Running the RNC?

Its 10pm. Do you know where your RNC contractors are? If you guessed an “upscale” bondage-themed club in West Hollywood, you’d be right! A February RNC trip to California, for example, included a $9,099 stop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, $6,596 dropped at the nearby Four Seasons, and $1,620.71 spent [update: the amount is actually... Read more »

Michelle Obama Fires Shot In Food Wars

i have a confession: I don’t love Chicago pizza. My boyfriend kind-of, sort-of almost considered this a “dealbreaker” in the 30 Rock-iest sense of the term (although my initial opposition to hot dogs is the story that really lives on in infamy…I had my full-on angels-singing, halo-encouraging conversion experience in the parking lot of Gene... Read more »

Stupak's Vote: A F@#$ing Valuable Thing

Say what you want about Bart Stupak – love him or hate him – the man knows how to work the system. First he convinces millions to support him by claiming to stand by his pro-life principles in the face of certain electoral doom, then he compromises his own commitments in the nick of time... Read more »

The Obama Pedicure

I don’t know what terrifies me more. That there’s a nail salon that will put pictures of Barack Obama on your nails, that the salon only charges $10 for it, or that I have to admit to myself that I read Holly Madison’s blog, which is where I found this. Behold, the majesty: I suspect... Read more »

NYC Hearts Blago

A few days ago, I reached some sort of achievement level in iPhone Skee-ball: for ten tickets I was allowed to purchase a United States Senate seat. Unable to resist, I selected it, and the game told me that not only was this an exceptional choice, but also, a f@#$ing beautiful thing. Its like Rod... Read more »

Pasty Is the New Frugal

The passage of the health care bill meant that Rep. John Boehner lost politically. But it seems he’s also lost personally. Indoor tanning salons will charge customers a 10 percent tax beginning in July in one of the changes Americans will see as a result of the U.S. health-care overhaul signed into law by President... Read more »

ACORN Out of Cash

Underage hookers from El Salvador are going to have to go somewhere else for their tax advise next year. It seems ACORN is closing up shop in all 50 states amid declining revenues. Acorn is broke. The embattled community-organizing group said today that it is closing its doors amid falling revenues. The development ends a... Read more »

Reality Television, Better or Worse With Sarah Palin?

I once offered to run Holly Madison’s race for Las Vegas mayor as part of her reality television series. They never got back to me – I assume its because I’m an unnatural redhead – but I feel like I would have been fantastic at doing next to nothing on camera. Reality television is a... Read more »