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Gentleman's Week on AAB: How to Talk To Ladies

Gentleman's Week on AAB: How to Talk To Ladies
Yesterday we talked all about great ways to meet your new girlfriend (or hook-up), and today, let’s break down what to do when you actually spot the potential girl of your dreams. 1. Don’t Act That’s not to say don’t go for it, but it is to say don’t put on a show. This is... Read more »

the good fight: when winning doesn't matter

In every relationship I have been in, competitiveness has been fully present–like when my co-worker and I dated and got promoted at the same time, or when my current boyfriend (whom I met when I bought a ping-pong table from him off craigslist) and I played our first game on said table and my roommate... Read more »

always a bridesmaid: weekly themes

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed the sunny, if somewhat cool Thursday we had. At this point, I will relish any warmth we can get until the tease is finally over and Spring arrives. As I mentioned earlier this week, there are some new updates to Always a Bridesmaid; namely, each week will kick... Read more »

new show for couples: happy endings

new show for couples: happy endings
Despite it’s questionable title, I found myself watching Happy Endings when it came on during my nightly work out and was pleasantly surprised. Liking a primetime sitcom on first viewing almost never happens to me–some of my favorite shows took weeks for me to even give a chance (Friends went through that forced awkward stage... Read more »

love and spinning: how small gestures keep a relationship going

After dating someone for a long time–or being married to them–your love settles into a little bit of a routine, and rather than the crazy adrenaline spikes of early dating days, there’s the lovely comfort of an equal who has seen you at your very worst and somehow, despite the odds, still finds you attractive... Read more »

custom DIY art for the home

Don’t be nervous, friends–I would never get us into a DIY hole we couldn’t get out of–let’s remember, this writer decided the week before hosting her family for Thanksgiving that she would score an armchair off of Craigslist and learn to reupholster in within four days, which ended with her sitting on said chair in... Read more »

friday night equation: dinner and a movie

When it comes to the first couple weeks of a relationship, there is nothing like the debate a girl goes through regarding what to wear. A spring first date is even better-the air is getting warmer, and the breeze–especially before a storm–holds a certain electricity within it. A dinner and a movie type of date,... Read more »

valentine's day on the cheap (and meaningful)

  For me, Valentine’s Day has never been a huge ordeal–if I am in a relationship, a faint expectation of a card, flowers, or a dinner might cross my mind, but I rarely expect grandiose gestures.  This of course allows for the one exception in middle school, during which my boyfriend (the same gentleman who... Read more »

cozy snow day: essentials for a romantic lockdown

This afternoon is allegedly the dawn of a new age in which we will all live out of eskimos and commute by snowshows. An attempted quick trip to the gym and grocery store last night resulted in me driving around the parking garage for ten minutes while fifteen cars battled for two available spots, and ended in me digging... Read more »

the worst reality dating shows

I hesitate to put this on a "worst dating shows" list, because, while the dates themselves were ridiculous and cringe-worthy, the show was smart enough to recognize said ridiculousness and make fun of itself. Using pop-up thought bubbles, recurring characters (therapist joe, anyone?), and an endearingly witty host made this show happily likeable. (P.S. Let's use more thought bubbles in shows. Pop-up video and Blind Date are evidence enough that they work. Thanks).
When I was in college, I took a class in which we had to predict something that was to happen in the next five years, and I claimed that reality TV would all but take over our viewing habits. Well, friends, call me the pop culture Nostradamus because while there are still a lot of scripted... Read more »