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For the Gentlemen: Six Ways to Meet Your Next Girlfriend

For the Gentlemen: Six Ways to Meet Your Next Girlfriend
That’s right, friends, it’s Gentleman’s Week on AAB,  and the focus is all about letting guys know what the girls want…and today, where we’re hanging out. (Don’t worry, although style week was cut short last week, I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise!) After getting requests from the guy followers of Always a... Read more »

guest post series: navigating the dating world

Happy Thursday, AAB readers! I am so excited to introduce my new series of guest posts that give a peek into the world of dating from of the sharpest, funniest people I know. Today’s story is from Shannon, one of my greatest friends from Summer Camp, and it’s the first of a many where she... Read more »

relationship roles

    Last week, after a few cocktails, I happily announced to my boyfriend that one of his roles in the relationship is to make us our dinners. Don’t get me wrong, when I have time, I love cooking, and for a long time before I met him, I was perfectly capable of finding a... Read more »

The Bridesmaid Is Back...

lots of rewarding going on.
Hello friends! I apologize for my almost month-long absence, but I am back on schedule with planned daily posts on everything from fashion and friendships to romance and dating–and of course, weddings. Below is just a peek at what was keeping me away for the last month–everything from a fabulous, 90-degree Austin, Texas wedding to volunteering for... Read more »