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Style Week on AAB: Favorite Bridesmaid Up-do’s

Happy Monday, readers! This week on Always a Bridesmaid, we’re going super-girly and talking all about style and beauty. (Don’t worry boys—next week will feature a series of advice-based posts all about what girls really want—straight from girls themselves. Want to know where to meet your next date? Where to take her? How to win... Read more »

if this invitation were a person, i would marry it: viewmaster wedding invites

Bold statement for a gal who has seen a bajillion and one invites that take her breath away. But as a child of the 80’s and someone who is obsessed with pictures, these invites are straight up my alley. Soon-to-be couples can now either purchase these radical  invites from Etsy or attempt the do-it-yourself version found on... Read more »