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archaic question: should girls ask guys out (would you?)

archaic question: should girls ask guys out (would you?)
Tonight my roommate (who is an attractive, smart, funny chick–i.e., a catch) updated me on this guy she’s been crushing on for weeks who is on her volleyball team. Since tonight was the last game he was at, she was finally going to get up the courage to ask him out. After practicing in her... Read more »

surprise weddings

In my experience of writing this blog, I’ve come across an incredibly wide range of approaches to weddings–from extravagant affairs to small courthouse nuptials–but one type of wedding story that always makes me a little weepy is that of the surprise wedding. Not a surprise as in “Remember that guy from the bar we ran into... Read more »

guest post series two: navigating the dating world

Happy Tuesday, friends! Last week, I introduced you to my hilarious friend Shannon, who let us in on her lessons learned from her singles bowling league. Today she’s back with one of my favorite stories of hers about online dating sites. Take it away, Miss Shannon!   In April, inspired by the music video for... Read more »

perfect gift for newly engaged friends: wedding planner in a boxls

perfect gift for newly engaged friends: wedding planner in a boxls
My dear friend Bella just got engaged, and the event just happened to fall on the date of her 30th birthday. And this weekend, while I was browsing a gift shop in Madison (and subsequently delaying my exit into the 99-degree heat), I stumbled upon this gem of an engagement gift–The Knot’s Wedding Planner in... Read more »

guest post series: navigating the dating world

Happy Thursday, AAB readers! I am so excited to introduce my new series of guest posts that give a peek into the world of dating from of the sharpest, funniest people I know. Today’s story is from Shannon, one of my greatest friends from Summer Camp, and it’s the first of a many where she... Read more »

always a bridesmaid: weekly themes

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed the sunny, if somewhat cool Thursday we had. At this point, I will relish any warmth we can get until the tease is finally over and Spring arrives. As I mentioned earlier this week, there are some new updates to Always a Bridesmaid; namely, each week will kick... Read more »

my weekend in breckenridge: skiing recap

This weekend, I joined my boyfriend and  his family in Breckenridge, Colorado for what I thought would be a daily schedule of one to two hours of struggling on the slopes, and four to six hours of reading and drinking hot chocolate (to be spiked in the later hours of the day) in front of the... Read more »

my first wedding of 2011: a picture recap (aka how I pulled a muscle dancing)

Happy Thursday, friends! Last weekend, I attended my first official wedding of 2011 (the last one was on New Year’s Eve so it was half in 2010), and if this event was any indication, this is going to be an epic year of weddings. From the minute we walked into the reception, the live band... Read more »

A Bridesmaid's Year in Review

Happy 2011, everyone! A recap of the NYE wedding I attended will come later this week (spoiler: I had to have glass removed from my foot, which I consider payback from number 3 of this list), but I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who reads this blog. Whether this is your... Read more »

The Bridesmaid Is Back...

lots of rewarding going on.
Hello friends! I apologize for my almost month-long absence, but I am back on schedule with planned daily posts on everything from fashion and friendships to romance and dating–and of course, weddings. Below is just a peek at what was keeping me away for the last month–everything from a fabulous, 90-degree Austin, Texas wedding to volunteering for... Read more »