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On this blog, we've talked about everything from what a bridesmaid's responsibilities are to how to get your girlfriend to care about sports. Sometimes I get questions that have been covered in previous posts, but because there are so many articles to sift through, it can be difficult to find.

Enter the Essentials Tab! A collection of some of my favorite posts by category. Don't see something you're looking for on this page? Email me at


1. I'm A Bridesmaid. Now what?

what to carry with you the day of the wedding

classic wedding toast mistakes

bachelorette party idea

using honesty to write a perfect speech

giving a surprise speech without preparation

how to be a bad bridesmaid

wedding countdown checklist for bridesmaids

shower favors for under $3

wedding toast tips

what to do with your dress after the wedding

what to give at a bridal shower vs. bachelorette party

pole dancing classes for bachelorette parties

bringing snacks the day of the wedding

2. dating

how to get your girlfriend to watch sports with you

unique ways to decorate your apt as a couple

thoughtfulness in dating

how did you meet your significant other?

should you bring a date if you're single?

valentine's day on the cheap (and meaningful)

5 romantic links

10 romantic link

how much PDA is okay?

a winery getaway in the burbs

winter dates in chicago

more cheap winter dates

matchmaking and getting set up

do you have a song with your partner?

classy lingerie 

3. pop culture

5 guys 90's TV taught me to date

5 it's not you it's me songs

neutral tv that couples can both enjoy

the worst reality dating shows

who would be in your celebrity bridal party?

why the day after the wedding is like the day after the 2010 ncaa tournament

4. fashion and beauty

dresses for warm vacations

dating looks: guys vs. girls

silver shoes under $100

friday night date outfits for spring

tops for bachelorette parties

ski bunny outfits

floral bridal shower dresses


hairstyles inspired by the golden globes

dresses for winter weddings

incredible jewelry for $30 a pop

cozy winter date accessories

movies that make guys cry

braided updos

nude heels

colorful clutches

5. gifts

chicago gift shop 

for a bride to be on her birthday

rachel bilson dinnerware line

for your boyfriend

for your best friend

for the kids in your life

for groomsmen

custom artwork 

custom prints for couples

6. brides to be

five songs for your first dance

unique chicago shower locations

yellow bridesmaid dresses

two wedding slide shows in one night

registering for your dream house

bridesmaid selection cards

paper-doll bridesmaid invitations

wedding photographer: kristen lynn photographie

how to tell someone she's not in your wedding

customized comic strips as favors

carrying something other than flowers

engagement pictures in the rain

chicago themed favor bags

running of the brides at filene's basement

anthro launches bridal line

new year's eve weddings

best wedding photographs of 2010

little borrowed dress: renting bridesmaid dresses

wedding blogs

incredible bridesmaid dresses: tony chesnut

heavenly bridesmaid dresses: sarah seven

beachside reception location

the wedding version of etsy

designer bridesmaid dresses under $150

love story invitations

vera wang partners with david's bridal

save the date movie trailer

offering your debt as a wedding registry gift

7. decor

romantic artwork

the kiss list

8. personal stories

my worst date

my five most embarrassing wedding moments

real life love stories: colm and mari

9. friends

keeping your friends a priority 

what if you don't like your friend's fiance?

10. always a bridesmaid in the press

on Haute Apple Pie--Why Being A Bridesmaid Has Its Perks

on WGN Radio (podcast)

11. guests

how to decode an invitation

how to decode an invitation 2

how much money per gift?

how to afford a destination wedding