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if this invitation were a person, i would marry it: viewmaster wedding invites

Bold statement for a gal who has seen a bajillion and one invites that take her breath away. But as a child of the 80’s and someone who is obsessed with pictures, these invites are straight up my alley. Soon-to-be couples can now either purchase these radical  invites from Etsy or attempt the do-it-yourself version found on... Read more »

WIN a FREE pass to the Chicago Makeup Show!

    Beauty and makeup fanatics, take note! This Sunday and Monday, Chicago welcomes the Makeup Show to Venue One (located at 1044 W. Randolph St), showcasing the beauty industry elite to share the latest tips and trends, as well as hands-on tutorials, question/answer sessions, and product launches. Brands such as Make Up For Ever, Stila, and... Read more »

get almost all your wedding planning done with one click

  When it comes to getting married, there’s the engagement, there’s the big day, and then there’s all of that time–sometimes loads of it, sometimes not enough–in between, in which what seems like a lifetime of things can happen. While some brides relish the hours spent confirming every little detail–from the color and type of flowers on... Read more »

DIY shower dessert: homemade cake pops

DIY shower dessert: homemade cake pops
Truth be told, one of my favorite parts of attending or throwing bridal or baby showers is the food. Of course, I love spending time with my friends and anticipating the big life change ahead, and the bonding with them takes the cake, but man…speaking of the cake. Showers tend to have various forms of... Read more »

update to Always a Bridesmaid: posts by category

Happy Thursday! As a celebration of this blog being live for almost a year, I have added a new feature–Posts by Category. If you look at the top of the blog, where “about” and “contact the bridesmaid” are located, you can now find a tab that breaks down all of the categories covered on this... Read more »

brides, blooms and the big day: CS brides magazine bridal event

Newly engaged ladies, take note. On March 23, from 6:00 to 9:00 at the Intercontinental Chicago, CS Brides magazine and event planning company Simply Perfect by Melissa are hosting a night of inspiration for all things wedding. At Brides, Blooms, and the Big Day, some of the city’s most respected wedding professionals will be sharing... Read more »

this isn't open mic night: classic wedding toast mistakes

this isn't open mic night: classic wedding toast mistakes
  One of the most popular requests I get as the author of this blog is to write about giving toasts and wedding speeches. We’ve talked about getting blindsided at rehearsal dinners, and we’ve outlined general tips when you’re planning a speech in advance, but today, let’s cover some general don’ts that will help the... Read more »

anthropologie to launch bridal line

While I very rarely question my place in life–I have this quiet internal assurance that I was meant to get married later than most of my friends–rarely do I find signs that make me squeal excitedly over the fact that I am not yet planning a wedding. Until I read that Anthropologie is launching a... Read more »

real life love story: colm and mari

You know that guy in high school whose humor was just a little bit ahead of everyone? My friend Colm was like that. When most other boys were quoting the latest movies to impress the ladies, he had a smarter, more subtle way of making girls laugh, the type of comments that took a second to absorb so that by the... Read more »

best wedding photography of 2010

Well, my friends, I love writing and sharing things on this blog, but I have to admit it’s been a while since a post has made me this excited. I stumbled upon this site while researching for a future post and at three pictures deep I had the chills and was close to tears. This collection... Read more »