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Style Week on AAB: Favorite Bridesmaid Up-do’s

Happy Monday, readers! This week on Always a Bridesmaid, we’re going super-girly and talking all about style and beauty. (Don’t worry boys—next week will feature a series of advice-based posts all about what girls really want—straight from girls themselves. Want to know where to meet your next date? Where to take her? How to win... Read more »

vintage-inspired jewelry shop on etsy

If you’re looking for pieces that you could find after a good long search at your local thrift or consignment shop, but don’t have the time for a good long search at your local thrift or consignment shop, check out this well-edited etsy seller. Not only does she offer dreamy peeks into a romantic history,... Read more »

if this invitation were a person, i would marry it: viewmaster wedding invites

Bold statement for a gal who has seen a bajillion and one invites that take her breath away. But as a child of the 80’s and someone who is obsessed with pictures, these invites are straight up my alley. Soon-to-be couples can now either purchase these radical  invites from Etsy or attempt the do-it-yourself version found on... Read more »

perfect gift for newly engaged friends: wedding planner in a boxls

perfect gift for newly engaged friends: wedding planner in a boxls
My dear friend Bella just got engaged, and the event just happened to fall on the date of her 30th birthday. And this weekend, while I was browsing a gift shop in Madison (and subsequently delaying my exit into the 99-degree heat), I stumbled upon this gem of an engagement gift–The Knot’s Wedding Planner in... Read more »

fashion advice from a dry cleaner: the davis imperial difference

fashion advice from a dry cleaner: the davis imperial difference
After my fifth bridesmaid fitting at various dry cleaning facilities around Chicago, I finally started to build somewhat of a loyalty to the family that worked at the location just down the block from my latest apartment. The guy who worked the desk was friendly, he always remembered me, and they stayed open late on... Read more »

WIN a FREE pass to the Chicago Makeup Show!

    Beauty and makeup fanatics, take note! This Sunday and Monday, Chicago welcomes the Makeup Show to Venue One (located at 1044 W. Randolph St), showcasing the beauty industry elite to share the latest tips and trends, as well as hands-on tutorials, question/answer sessions, and product launches. Brands such as Make Up For Ever, Stila, and... Read more »

get almost all your wedding planning done with one click

  When it comes to getting married, there’s the engagement, there’s the big day, and then there’s all of that time–sometimes loads of it, sometimes not enough–in between, in which what seems like a lifetime of things can happen. While some brides relish the hours spent confirming every little detail–from the color and type of flowers on... Read more »

the bridesmaid without a dress: a cautionary tale

A couple weeks ago, while I was walking home from work, I got a frantic call from a girlfriend saying she desperately needed bridesmaid advice. Before I tell this story, let me just say there are countless (way more times than I’d like to admit) times this type of thing has happened to me, but... Read more »

Exclusive discount to Ciao Bella: A Locally Inspired Bridal Event

  Happy Thursday, readers! I am excited to tell you about a fantastic event happening this Sunday from noon to four for brides-to-be (and the people who love and support them!). Cial Bella: A Locally Inspired Bridal Event, co-sponsored by Taylor Made Invites and recent Refinery 29 obsession, bridal stylist Libby Salerno, will feature a fashion show with looks by Belle Vie Bridal... Read more »

attention fashionistas: intersection of style event

  One of my favorite ways to completely deny Chicago’s betrayal of the Spring weather is to go shopping for clothing I would have no business wearing in the daily conditions this city keeps spewing out. As in, shorts, mini dresses, and sandals. And although I am currently on a shopping hiatus, I am attending the... Read more »