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if this invitation were a person, i would marry it: viewmaster wedding invites

Bold statement for a gal who has seen a bajillion and one invites that take her breath away. But as a child of the 80’s and someone who is obsessed with pictures, these invites are straight up my alley. Soon-to-be couples can now either purchase these radical  invites from Etsy or attempt the do-it-yourself version found on... Read more »

bridal showers on a budget

Happy Monday! This week on Always a Bridesmaid, we”ll be talking about all things shower–bridal and baby!–now that wedding season is officially upon us. Today’s focus is all about saving money. When your friends start marching down the aisle, the first showers seem exciting and novel, so the tendency to spend more is high, as... Read more »

event recap: kate spade chicago-wedding belles and whistles

Last week, I attended a girly evening out at Kate Spade Chicago on Oak Street sponsored by Gilt City Chicago. As a way to launch their bridal line, Wedding Belles and Whistles allowed guests to nibble on delicious bite-sized cupcakes from Swirlz, sip on complimentary champagne, listen to the latest dance-worthy hits from DJ Megan... Read more »

bridesmaid mood boards and invitation inspiration

Let’s celebrate Wedding Wednesday by taking a look at two sources of inspiration–BHLDN’s new feature allowing users to create mood boards on their site and an endearing and adorable how-we-met save the date (found on Kelly’s blog here). To create your own board on Anthropologie’s wedding site, click here. Thanks for reading!  

update to Always a Bridesmaid: posts by category

Happy Thursday! As a celebration of this blog being live for almost a year, I have added a new feature–Posts by Category. If you look at the top of the blog, where “about” and “contact the bridesmaid” are located, you can now find a tab that breaks down all of the categories covered on this... Read more »

anthropologie to launch bridal line

While I very rarely question my place in life–I have this quiet internal assurance that I was meant to get married later than most of my friends–rarely do I find signs that make me squeal excitedly over the fact that I am not yet planning a wedding. Until I read that Anthropologie is launching a... Read more »

A Bridesmaid's Year in Review

Happy 2011, everyone! A recap of the NYE wedding I attended will come later this week (spoiler: I had to have glass removed from my foot, which I consider payback from number 3 of this list), but I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who reads this blog. Whether this is your... Read more »

five for friday: wedding blogs

TGIF, darlings! And not a moment too soon. This weekend it’s supposed to snow approximately five hundred and seven inches (allegedly!) so if you’re looking for something to do while you’re cozy inside, here are some fantastically inspiring bridal blogs for those girls walking down the aisle soon (and really, any gal who can appreciate an incredible wedding). Enjoy your... Read more »

New! Handmade Wedding Goods Site

As you might have read, I love me some Etsy–for maid-of-honor gifts, engagement gifts, any sort of gifts–so it’s no surprise that I was instantly able to waste 20 minutes on the new wedding site Wedzu. Think of it as a wedding-focused Etsy, perfect for brides and everyone around them looking for a homeade touch. With everything... Read more »

greeting card keepsake

  Remember that ridiculous show Room Raiders on MTV where people got to snoop around potential suitors’ rooms in order to decide if they were worthy of a date? If they happened to be searching my room they would find an embarassing amount of shoeboxes filled with old birthday cards, runner’s bibs, and pictures of... Read more »