About the Bridesmaid

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If I got paid for being in and attending weddings, I would officially be able to quit my job and live comfortably for the next ten years. As an unmarried girl of 30, I experienced my first wedding role--flower girl--at the impressionable age of 7, during which I was encouraged to dance with the ring bearer, started bawling, threw a tantrum, and ran out of the reception. Luckily, 23 years have honed my wedding skills and I am proud to say I now fulfill my bridesmaid's duties with a wink and a smile--and usually a couple glasses of wine.

What started as a blog all about weddings from the other side of the dress has turned into a peek into life as a bridesmaid and dating gal on the step-by-step journey to her big day. From dating to style, friendships to family, fights, love stories, and everything in between, Always a Bridesmaid offers fresh perspective on how to navigate the waters of that challenging, surprising, and exciting time before marriage when you don't have a map to guide your way.

P.S. If you'd like to read more, check out my personal blog at "A Lightly Charmed Life":http://www.alightlycharmedlife.blogspot.com.