When to Not Speed Date

When to Not Speed Date

My friends, have you ever gone speed dating? My only experience has been through movies and TV shows (like SATC and the 40-Year-Old Virgin!), but I actually think it could be silly if you went with a girlfriend and kept your expectations in check. My friend Shannon, of the singles bowling league and online dating story fame, is back to let us know first-hand how this speed-dating gig goes--and when a gal should not participate.

Last winter, I tried something I never thought I would try…speed dating.  I blame it on one of those daily email coupons which offered a significant discount to any number of Date and Dash singles events in the city.  Two friends and I gathered our metaphorical balls and took them to Aja Lounge in the Dana Hotel for a night of speed dating, hosted by DateandDash.com.  We waited for the event to start in the posh bar, drinking $10 cocktails and repeating "I can't believe we're doing this" over and over.  We started to get concerned when the clock moved closer to the starting time and there was no one else in the bar that was anywhere near our age.  It happened to be a night that the Chicago Bulls were playing the Miami Heat in the playoffs.  That meant that despite having pre-paid, all 15+ people who had signed up had decided to sit this one out…everyone except for the three of us.  Finally, two young women entered the bar, looking both nervous and reluctant, immediately identifying them as speed daters.  We invited them to our table.  Half an hour past the start time, there were five girls and two guys there for the event.  One of the guys wouldn't talk to anyone and sat by himself watching the game (good move!) and a man named Uyi (pronounced ‘we’).  Even if the event wasn’t going to officially happen, we were still going to have fun, damn it!  So we invited Uyi to join us.  I’d like to think that Uyi was intensely intimidated by how beautiful, intelligent and funny we all were, and that is why he abruptly left mid-conversation and mid-$10 drink.  I can’t say any of us were too sorry to see him go.  Instead, just like at singles bowling, I spent my evening drinking with a bunch of women who made me laugh about how ridiculous this whole thing was.

 So what’s next on the horizon for me?  Well, I still have to redeem my credit towards an actual Date and Dash speed dating…which I will do if I can convince my friends (and myself) to try it again.  You can read more about my adventures and non-adventures in dating (and life) at my blog, ShaBang.


Thanks Shannon! I loved having you post over at AAB. And I would love to hear what you guys think about speed dating, online dating, or singles groups--have you tried them? Would you ever?


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