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In my experience of writing this blog, I've come across an incredibly wide range of approaches to weddings--from extravagant affairs to small courthouse nuptials--but one type of wedding story that always makes me a little weepy is that of the surprise wedding. Not a surprise as in "Remember that guy from the bar we ran into last week? I married him this morning", but more like "Remember how you thought you were coming to a party at our place? Well, it's also our wedding."

One of the best (and most covered!) versions of this story is of Marisa and John, a couple who got engaged and quickly became overwhelmed with all of the different directions they were being pulled in from various friends and family members. While on the phone with her mother one day, the bride (who was in tears almost every day from the stress of planning) admitted she wasn't super-happy with the choice of location and wished they could just get married at their engagement party the following weekend. At which her mother responded "Why don't you?"

What followed was a flurry of decisions and planning that lead to guests showing up to the bride's grandmother's house with the understanding they would be celebrating the couple's engagment. The wedding party arrived early, being told that Marisa and John had gifts for them, only to walk into a room and find Marisa in her wedding dress (the pictures below are incredible!). Then, in an awesome twist, Marisa's brother gives a speech to the rest of the guests waiting downstairs, letting them know he has good news and bad news--the bad news being that tonight is where the couple's engagement ends (pause for effect) but that they will be getting married today!

Can you even imagine pulling this off? I think the reason it always makes me so emotional is that so much can get lost and misconstrued in wedding planning these days. Having such a short time to pull things off would be high-pressure, yes, but it would also force couples to make important decisions with their heart,  and not be influenced by too many outside sources. I don't know, friends....the idea is definitely growing on me! It's like the polite way to elope :)

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