style week on AAB: my affordable spa favorite

style week on AAB: my affordable spa favorite

This week on AAB is all about style and beauty. Up today? An incredible spa that’s as relaxing to your paycheck as it is to your body.

When it comes to pampering myself, spas were a luxury I would indulge in on bachelorette parties upon receiving a gift from a friend who could see I needed a break.

But training for the marathon last Fall changed all that as my body became stiffer and these treatments started to fall more onto the necessity side of the scale.

While Groupon-type websites offered their fair share of cheap one-time deals, unless a friend recommended the place, I wouldn’t bite. After all, an event in which you will be shirtless within mere minutes of meeting a total stranger calls for some credibility and a nod to one’s personal preferences.

I like my spas to be clean (duh), modern, and fresh smelling, filled with pleasant and professional staff who quietly go about their business of helping you sink into deep relaxation. So when a friend who has more expensive tastes than me (not hard to find!) recommended Spa Forever, I decided to give it a shot and have been going back ever since.

A total of four massages clocked in two months (I was running over 20 miles a week! Don’t judge me!) didn’t hit much over the $200 mark and that’s saying a lot for city living, my friends. A quality spa is going to be an investment, but I am not one to pay $250 for a hair service unless it is the best, most magical, makes-my-hair-Gisele-wavy-without-having-to-perm-it (this is my ongoing impossible hair dream) treatment I have ever experienced.

Spa Forever’s technicians have never let me down, and their Swedish massage lasts 50 minutes for $70, but that’s before their deal-packed emails they send their customers every month. And they have fantastic customer service—I showed up one time for an appointment their systems had lost and as an apology they gave me two massages at $90--$45 a piece!!—and 25% off of any service.

The space is small and straightforward—not so packed that it feels cramped, but just enough space to offer services at the right prices. If you’re in the market for a treat but don’t want to feel guilty about it, this is my go-to pick. How about you, ladies? Do you have a secret spot that doesn’t clean out the wallet? I’d love to know about it (and try it out!)

image via spa forever

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