Gentleman's Week on AAB: How to Talk To Ladies

Gentleman's Week on AAB: How to Talk To Ladies

Yesterday we talked all about great ways to meet your new girlfriend (or hook-up), and today, let's break down what to do when you actually spot the potential girl of your dreams.

1. Don't Act

That's not to say don't go for it, but it is to say don't put on a show. This is not tryouts for the Bachelor, nor is it Last Comic Standing.

2. Be a Friend First

When I'm at a bar, watching a basketball game with a girlfriend, what I don't mind is a guy next to me chatting me up about the game, or even the bar or beer selection. What I do mind is a guy rubbing my shoulders and pulling my jacket belt because "he can't resist how cute I am." Introductions first, dude. Creepy personal space invasion second. And by second, I mean never.

While you may be approaching this girl as a future romantic interest, you need to set the base as a friend. Pump the brakes and act as you would if she was a friend of your sister's. In other words, with respect and humor. Plus, this will help open the door for future interactions, rather than shutting it permanently if you come off as a d-bag.

3. Never Underestimate Well-Timed Creativity

The verdict is still out on the new show I was watching last night (on MTV if you MUST know), but one single quote stuck out to me as genius: "funny is to girls what boobs are to guys." If you can make her laugh--a genuine, surprised, non-pity laugh--your attraction potential  just shot up twice what it was.

4. Master the Art of Timing

The perfect time to buy your new lady-friend a drink is once she is giving you the "I don't mind that you're joining the people I chose to come to the bar with" vibe. In other words, if you've tried to open the conversation and she's giving you one-word answers, sending a round of drinks to her table is a nice gesture, but probably won't do much to change her mind. If you're talking to her at the bar and have actually been engaging in a tw0-way conversation, take care of the next round. Bonus points if you cover her friends.

5. She's a Group Prospect

Unless she came to the bar by herself, you need to pay attention to her friends. There's nothing quite so awkward as when a guy beelines towards one girl in a group and blatantly ignores the others. First off, you're probably going to make her a little uncomfortable if it's blatant, and second, you'll piss off her friends. This may not matter to you initially, but trust me, getting them on your side as soon as possible will do wonders for your progress.


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