For the Gentlemen: Six Ways to Meet Your Next Girlfriend

For the Gentlemen: Six Ways to Meet Your Next Girlfriend

That's right, friends, it's Gentleman's Week on AAB,  and the focus is all about letting guys know what the girls want...and today, where we're hanging out. (Don't worry, although style week was cut short last week, I'll make it up to you soon, I promise!)

After getting requests from the guy followers of Always a Bridesmaid (one of the most surprising and awesome parts of writing this blog!), we're breaking down where to meet the females, how to approach them, ideas for first dates, and what to do when you finally start heading down relationship alley. So after an extensive survey of ladies from far and wide (or a quick download with my closet friends), here's a quick list of ways to look for your next lady friend.

1. Classes at the Gym...

That's right, not just going to the actual gym and flexing whenever you walk by a cute girl, or "secretly" checking her out when she's in front of a mirror and can see you staring. If you actually attend classes--which tend to be particularly girl-heavy--there's a higher chance of talking to a gal one-on-one, especially if you become a regular attendee. I'm a lot more willing to talk to guys in classes for the commiseration factor alone. As in "please tell me you want to throw something at the boot camp teacher's head right now as badly as I do." Bonus? You'll both be ripped by the time you get to the date stage.

2. Running Errands

While bars are great because people's inhibitions are down, there's a fantastic opportunity for connections during the most mundane events in life. Whether it's stuck on the el between two strangers' armpits or digging through the pile of peaches at Stanley's, they say life is what happens while you're making other plans--so why not pay attention to it.

3. Work

Despite my horrible track record at giving this technique a go, I do know several friends who met their spouses at work--and were able to handle it in a mature and healthy manner. Just make sure you're clear on company policy, and try to keep it lateral--i.e. don't go for your subordinate or your boss.

4. Church 

I'm not just talking about the Sunday night service near DePaul that's known for drawing good-looking singles, nor am I saying to start attending church with the sole purpose of meeting someone. Instead, look at the habits and practices in your life that are meaningful and long-lasting. If you meet someone in one of these situations, chances are your relationship will be meaningful too--even if it's just a friendship which leads us to...

5. Your Friends' Parties, Dinners, Houses, Lives...

First off, get the word out that you're open to dating, especially if you recently went through a break-up and there's a chance people aren't sure you're ready to move on. You don't need to be desperate about it, but letting friends know you're willing to meet people--especially your girl friends--will do wonders. If you don't want to be set up, just go out in groups so the pressure is off. And don't start basing your decisions to go out on whether a girl you might like will be there. In other words...

6. Living Your Life

Don't obsess and make every single thing you do about meeting the girl because then each day is measured by this event happening--or not. If you knew you were going to meet your wife tomorrow, how would you spend today? Enjoy your single years while you have them--spend time knowing exactly what you want and do the things you love. Go out with your friends because you love spending time with them, not because there's a chance a cute girl might be at the bar. If you're living the best life available to you, believe me, she's on her way. And chances are, you'll meet her doing something you're both interested in--a great way to start a relationship.

So what did we forget? What's your secret tip for meeting girls--or guys? How did you meet your partner? I'd love to hear--it's been so fun to get everyone's input!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for more Gentleman's Week. (And don't forget to like Always a Bridesmaid on Facebook or follow me on twitter @brooklynn15)

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  • This list is bereft with essentials.

    Any article about how to "meet your next girlfriend" needs to include prescription sedatives such as valium and/or substantial amounts of alcohol....generally anything that will make your future girlfriend feel bewildered and sleepy. Plus, it also must acknowledge the need for large withdrawals of cash and random jewelry purchases.

  • In reply to gwill:

    This comment actually made me laugh, particularly given what I posted today.

  • In reply to Margaret Bogenrief:

    I have a blog too, you know. It's called Chicago Chivalry. Search it and it shall show you the way.

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    at the opera/theatre/arts event. a classic line: "do you get what's going on here? i'm confused." and then you talk about other shows you've been to, blah, blah.

    if by the end of the show, or before intermission, she's poppin' mints, you've nailed it.

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