toilet-seat covers as a makeup tool? tips from a professional makeup artist

toilet-seat covers as a makeup tool? tips from a professional makeup artist

For me, makeup has always been a bit of a mystery--even though I love the category, I have my standard protocol I run with every morning, which consists of no more than ten products, and which rarely varies unless I happen to switch up my eyeshadow color from neutral to grey or add a swipe of lipstick (the one product I never seem to remember I own). So when I was offered the opportunity to meet with an established makeup artist (the likes of whom worked for Christian Dior and mastered the art of airbrushing) Orlando Santiago, I jumped at the chance, not only to bring my readers tips and tricks but also to glean a few secrets to amp up my own beauty routine (I am nothing if not a multi-tasker).

About Orlando

Having started his education as a pre-med student, Santiago quickly discovered he lacked true passion for the path he was headed down, and took up his friend’s suggestion to work as an artist at a makeup counter. After a quick training session, he proved a natural at bringing out a woman’s best features, and helping her discover the product regimen that worked best with her skin, her environment, and her personality. A tip which I loved was to truly get to know your skin and the needs it has--a rule that can apply to any style or beauty routine. What might work for your blue-eyed brunette bff could look completely ridiculous on your light-haired dark-eyed self, and a gal who resides in Santa Fe won’t share the same moisturizer with the femme fetale from Fargo. A combination of weather, genes, and personal confidences help shape each woman’s perfect arsenal of products, and Santiago thinks it’s a shame many girls wait until their wedding day to truly discover the collection that helps them feel their most beautiful.

Discovering Your Perfect Makeup Routine

So what to do if you’re not sure where to begin? A good start is beauty powerhouses like Sephora who are filled with experts who aren’t necessarily tied to one brand , but another option is to set up a consultation with a makeup or skin expert in your area. Even if you’re not prepping for your nuptials, learning what makes your skin tick and the colors and ingredients that work best with your genetic makeup will prove invaluable in the decisions ahead. Plus, the money you invest in the expert could save you piles of cash on wasted product (hello, medicine cabinet filled with discarded eyeshadow colors). Knowing what ingredients to look out for when it comes to your specific needs will give you extra confidence not only when you shop, but also in any situation--a formal event, a work interview, or a first date. Once you have a base that works, building on becomes fun.

Surprise! Products that double as makeup in a bind

And when it comes to the big events--weddings in particular!--Santiago has some fantastic and unexpected advice. For those brides who need to set their makeup but find themselves without any powder in sight, a quick (and light) spray of Aqua Net or any aerosol hairspray will act as a sealant (who knew??). My favorite tip, though, is for those brides and guests who leave it all out on the dance floor, and as a result, are left with a bit of a shine problem on their face. If you're in this position with no blotting papers in sight, head into a stall, pull out one of the (clean!!) toilet seat covers (yes, I am serious), and rip off a small piece. The material is similar to that of blotting papers and will work to absorb any excess oil in a pinch, refreshing your look in no time.

So what do you think, ladies? Would you invest in a consultation with a good makeup expert if it meant saving money and doubts about your routine in the future? Have you ever--or would you ever!--try any of the surprise tips above? And what are your can't-live-without-it makeup products or tips? Help a clueless girl out :)

Special thanks to Orlando Santiago for taking time to meet with me and share his expertise. If you ever have the chance to work with him, I highly recommend it! (Brides, he does air-brushing, something he recommends you leave to the professionals!)

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