guest post series: navigating the dating world

Happy Thursday, AAB readers! I am so excited to introduce my new series of guest posts that give a peek into the world of dating from of the sharpest, funniest people I know. Today’s story is from Shannon, one of my greatest friends from Summer Camp, and it’s the first of a many where she shares her awesome and refreshing approach at trying to meet Mr. Right--and sometimes coming up with more than she bargained for. I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do!


As regular readers of AAB know, our beloved Brooke is a consummate pro at all things bridesmaid and wedding related.  Yours truly, however, is more of a pro taking all night to work up the courage to talk to a cute guy at the bar and then finding out that he’s already left.  That’s my bag.  Yes, I’m single, and actually not too unhappy about it.  But as the months tick away and I’m getting closer and closer to entering my third decade of life, I’m getting a little antsier about finding my so-called Mr. Right.

Enough nights spent shoulder-to-shoulder at overpriced bars will send any single lady looking for other options.  Me?  I turned to bowling.  A friend who had recently broken up with a long-time beau forwarded me an email about singles bowling and asked if I would sign up with her.  “I’m only doing this for moral support” I told myself.  In reality, I was just as hopeful that this new Sunday night adventure would be the ticket to eternal love and happiness.  Instead, the ticket turned out to be for hanging out in a poorly-lit bowling alley with a ton of super cute and friendly women, and a slightly less impressive collection of men.  When the season ended, I was left with a stunningly unimpressive bowling record, tendonitis in my toe, more hangovers than usual on Monday mornings and no successful love connection to speak of.  Bowling was a great way to break the ice and the fact that you knew that everyone there was single and looking to mingle took some of the guess work out of the game.  (Except, not everyone there was single…I met a few couples who were new to Chicago and had joined to meet friends…apparently single ones).  Unfortunately, since the league was Sunday evening, people usually bolted as soon as their game was over, rather than stay at the overpriced bar like I did in hopes of making a post-activity love connection.

But don't worry, friends--Shannon's search doesn't stop there. Next week we'll hear all about how she learns love lessons from Britney Spears.

Have you ever joined a singles' activity group? I would love to hear. When I was looking, I was never brave enough to do this, but I always wished I was.

And if you have stories you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to email me at

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!



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