bucktown/wicker park boutiques for couples

bucktown/wicker park boutiques for couples

Bucktown/Wicker Park Boutiques for Couples

The next time the boyfriend tries to ditch out during a fashion run, take him to one of these chic retailers on the Northwest side with a range of male and female offerings—and not just the token “guy” corner a la Forever 21. (Trust me, friends, most guys do not appreciate this store. Take it from someone who has tried.)

Penelope’s on Division Ave.

Lace-up boots, APC jeans, wildly-patterned socks and neon wayfarers abound here—and that’s just the male section. An expansive and tightly-merchandised space allows shoppers to browse without pressure, discovering surprise offerings like locally-produced artist prints and recycled greeting cards among the high-quality—but not outrageously priced—clothing.  From party frocks to boyfriend jeans, Penelope’s consistently makes the mark.

The Akira Shops on North Ave

What this boutique lacks by not housing men’s and women’s fashion under the same roof, it more than makes up for in variety and quantity at each location. Within a five block stretch, steps from the six corners of Bucktown, gals can find shoes, accessories, and every clothing need imaginable for both high and low price points (in two separately expansive shops dedicated to the female persuasion), while guys can dive into their own split-level store offering Ben Sherman, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford, among countless local names and affordable items.  And don’t miss the selection of jeans--both locations’ mix of designers rival that of any shop this side of the Loop.  Just try to avoid any of the “event” weekends, when they take their themes a little too far (hello, girl in a bikini walking on stilts!).

Buffalo Exchange/CrossRoads

Surprise, boys! You can go thrifting too! Actually, I think this neighborhood is teeming with guys that are more than aware of this fact (and may take it a little too much to heart), but for those who think only of hipsters when passing the second-hand shops on Milwaukee Ave, they may be pleasantly surprised at the selection within these two shops. Both retailers have an extensive selection of clothing for the ladies (and both tend to be hit or miss, but with some searching, a few jackpot pieces make any trip worth it), and the male section houses a wide array of staples, such as jeans, v-necks, polos, and button downs.

Do you girls (or guys!) ever go shopping with your mate? Or do you prefer to go solo or with friends? Any places you both love? Please tell, I am always looking for new excuses to give my wallet a workout :)

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