always a bridesmaid is back...and in transition


Hello again, friends! For some reason, every year around this time, I seem to take about a month hiatus from my beloved AAB, usually because I am away at the summer camp I volunteer at, and also because the weather gets warmer, my attention span gets shorter, and wedding season kicks into full gear. Last Saturday I enjoyed myself immensely at the wedding of my dear friend Kyle from high school, one of those guys your heart naturally roots for no matter what the circumstance. 

It was a veritable high school reunion, and one I was spastically enthusiastic about, so much so that at one point in the evening I tried to get my friend, who used to perform a solo cheerleading dance at our halftime football and basketball games, to repeat the performance in the middle of the dance floor. She was not pleased. (This is the same bride who put the kabosh on my chest-bumping reception entrance attempt.  She loves all of my ideas). It should be noted, however, that she did take part in a rousing rendition of the school song later in the evening. Regardless, it was a spectacularly dorky and fun night, and one that reminded me why I adored growing up in a small town where all my friends' parents knew each other, and where I can fall back into the same easy laughter and silliness with my old classmates as if not a day had passed. We even made a visit to our favorite hometown bar (above), which has been around as long as I can remember, has carpeting on the floor, and was offering $1 drafts on a Saturday night. Long live small town bars. 
So with that banner wedding, I am back into the swing of blogging. Please make sure to stop back in the next couple of days and weeks for some fun posts I have lined up. My interview with a makeup artist revealed helpful tips I can't wait to share (as well as surprising makeup tools located in any public bathroom!), and my features on new websites and unique services for bridesmaids shouldn't be missed by anyone who is getting married or in a wedding anytime soon. I am also super excited to be featuring some guest writers who will give an inside view on what it's really like to choose your groomsmen, go to a speed dating party, and attend a wedding from a guys' point of view. 
Finally, as you may know, Chicago Now is going through a site refresh in the next couple of days. Since I have been away, my site will take a little while to completely transition, so please be patient as I get everything up and running. Our new look and feel should be fantastic, and I know everyone is very excited to share. 
As always, thanks for reading--your support and following means so much to me! If you'd like, you can follow me on twitter @brooklynn15, on Facebook at Always a Bridesmaid, or on my personal blog, A Lightly Charmed Life

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