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always a bridesmaid is back...and in transition

Hello again, friends! For some reason, every year around this time, I seem to take about a month hiatus from my beloved AAB, usually because I am away at the summer camp I volunteer at, and also because the weather gets warmer, my attention span gets shorter, and wedding season kicks into full gear. Last... Read more »

WIN a FREE pass to the Chicago Makeup Show!

    Beauty and makeup fanatics, take note! This Sunday and Monday, Chicago welcomes the Makeup Show to Venue One (located at 1044 W. Randolph St), showcasing the beauty industry elite to share the latest tips and trends, as well as hands-on tutorials, question/answer sessions, and product launches. Brands such as Make Up For Ever, Stila, and... Read more »

get almost all your wedding planning done with one click

  When it comes to getting married, there’s the engagement, there’s the big day, and then there’s all of that time–sometimes loads of it, sometimes not enough–in between, in which what seems like a lifetime of things can happen. While some brides relish the hours spent confirming every little detail–from the color and type of flowers on... Read more »