what's the best wedding reception entrance you've seen?



Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, my friend and I were discussing an upcoming wedding in which she is a bridesmaid. The bride and groom are high school sweethearts--a cheerleader and football player, no less--so we were trying to brainstorm the best entrances for her and her groomsman to perform when being announced at the reception. As you can guess, the wedding party will be filled with rambuctious guys who can hold their alcohol, so the bar is set high--or low, depending on your viewpoint--in terms of the creativity of the entrances. I've seen a wide variety of entrances--from the wheelbarrow (girl-driven), to the worm (or at least, an enthusiastically failed attempt at the worm), to choreographed dance routines.

Usually, I tend to stick with the traditional spin and dip move, or occasionally a mini dance, but the most ambitious I got was after an early afternoon ceremony (read:we were riding around in the limo from 3 to 5), in which my wedding party partner was the groom's little brother. He was tall, goofy, and at the time of the incident, incredibly hazy in judgement, so together (as we waited in line to be announced) we agreed the very best, and possibly most intelligent entrance idea ever known to man would be to walk in and do an in-the-air chest bump with each other. I mentioned he was tall, but for those of you who don't know me in person, I am 5'5" on a good day, and also, I become incredibly klutzy after a few glasses of wine. Luckily, in the over-zealous haze of our plan, we decided to practice and do a pre-run in the hallway so that we could really knock the socks off of the entire room. Since everyone else was wrapped up in their own performances, they didn't see me back up and run towards him, but they did see when he tried to bump me, then saw him awkwardly attempt to hug me as he realized I was falling, then witnessed me slowly skid down until I was on my knees in my bridesmaid dress. Upon which I heard the bride hiss "I don't think so, Brooke!" Mission failed.

What's the craziest or funniest thing you've ever attempted in a wedding party? Have you ever seen anything super memorable in a wedding entrance? What do you think my friend should do at her upcoming wedding?


p.s. Even though I was backed into a corner after my failed attempt, nobody puts baby in a corner. Thanks for this picture goes to Say Whaaaat?'s blog.

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    Not to sound arrogant, but I think the introductions at my wedding were the best! My friend Jack, who is hands down the funniest person I have ever met, wrote small little quips about each person in the bridal party. People still come up to me and ask me who that guy was and tell me how much they loved it! It was like a mini stand-up routine.

  • That's such a good idea, swade525! I love it. It takes the idea of giving background on the friends chosen in the ceremony program one step further. I think giving context to the guests as to why these people are in the party is such a nice touch--especially because many of them haven't seen the bride and groom in so long.

  • Ah that sounds much better than the forced dancing at my friends wedding. I was the best man (my third time) and let me say that this was the most painful wedding I've had to endure. The night before the wedding the bride told us we would be dancing to "decade themed entrance music" and we would need to dance accordingly. Ie 40's swing music and jitterbug, 70's disco etc. It was stupd and had absolutely nothing to do with the bride, the groom or any of the wedding party. I hated that wedding!

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