use your bridesmaid dress for charity...and a new dress!



Remember when your friend had you wear that bridesmaid dress that was neon yellow/an orange floral pattern/a super awkward length/really ill-fitting/something you felt okay about but would never ever wear again? Well, my dear readers, it is now your time to thank her, because finally, finally, there is a light at the end of the closet of your bridesmaid dress cast-offs that not only allows you to give back--whether it be by recycling your dress to make new clothing in the future, or giving the garment to girls in need around the globe--but also--wait for it--use the dust-catching garment towards outfitting yourself in a new, classic little black dress. You read right. NewlyMade is a service that allows women to send in their used dresses--prom, mother of the bride, and other social occasion dresses are included!--for free (all you need to do is sign up for an account to get a pre-paid package), in order to discover what the pricing discount the dress has claimed. Once the "special pricing" is unlocked, users can get anywhere from $55 to $85 off dresses that run anywhere from $90 to $200. And while the selection is not going to make any crazy statements in the fashion world, the pieces are subtle, timeless, and likely to actually be worn as a staple versus the red floor-length gown with the flower on the chest. Yikes.

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