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It's no surprise that I love Kristen Wiig--I've (kind of) asked her to be in my wedding, I wrote an homage to her the very second I discovered she had written and starred in a movie about Bridesmaids, and I dragged my boyfriend to said movie on opening night because I was so excited I didn't want to wait until girls' night to see it. So what did I think? Surprise, surprise--my opinion remains glowing: everything Kristen Wiig touches turns to hilarity. 

But if you go into this thinking you're just going to get a girl version of the Hangover, prepare to be surprised. Sure, it's raunchy at times--there is an extended sex scene with Jon Hamm which got a series of loud laughter in the theater (especially from the gals), and there is the obligatory Apatow gross-out five minutes (which I wouldn't recommend eating during). But somehow, the movie strikes a perfect balance between sincere laughing-out-loud moments and an authentic look at what being a single female in a world of marrieds really feels like. The friendship between Maya Rudolph and Wiig is silly and authentic, and there is an epic cameo for us ladies who loved 90's girl bands. And while the trailer itself is memorable, surprisingly, some of the lines that have been shown on TV so many times don't even make it to the movie--the scenes are similar, but I never felt like they gave away the only funny parts in the preview.
From the competitive games bridesmaids play during wedding planning to the process of learning to say goodbye to your single friend and hello to a new chapter in both your lives, Bridesmaids offers a refreshing look at the terrifying and exhilarating experience of your best friend walking down the aisle before you. Like the persona she portrays outside of TV, Wiig's character comes off as smart, vulnerable, hilarious in her flaws, and someone you inevitably want to root for. And of course, be in your wedding. 
So, friends, have you seen Bridesmaids? What do you think? Did you love it? Hate it? I'd love to hear!
p.s. The bf didn't hate it (he actually laughed out loud at a couple parts)--but if you can, this is definitely one to see with the girls. 
p.p.s. Check out how to get Wiig's style in the movie here
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  • Saw it not just once but twice in 2 days this weekend! Had me laughing most of the time. It is leading me to require all future showers to have as party favors little beret wearing puppies...could be in for some disappointment.

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