are you going to see bridesmaids?


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Happy Friday, friends! Are you going to see the movie Bridesmaids this weekend? My boyfriend was reluctant (and by reluctant, I mean he was completely refusing) to see it, but after Dean Richards' glowing review this morning on WGN News, in which he called it a "fantastic date movie" and gave it an A-, my excitement level was astronomical and he finally caved. Hopefully this won't be like the time my mom convinced my dad to go to Devil Wears Prada, and before the movie he looked around, realized he was the only guy and asked my mom if it was a "total chick flick" (as a side note, he ended up loving it.) If the bf can get over thinking Bridesmaids is for gals (which, arguably it is, but The Hangover was for guys and I loved it), I think he actually might enjoy the movie. Only time will tell, so I'll be back here with my review on Monday. And also to come next week, the latest (bad) trend in wedding--bridesmaidzillas.

Have a great one and I will see you next week!

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P.P.S. Check out my original excitement about the movie here.


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