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what's the best wedding reception entrance you've seen?

  Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, my friend and I were discussing an upcoming wedding in which she is a bridesmaid. The bride and groom are high school sweethearts–a cheerleader and football player, no less–so we were trying to brainstorm the best entrances for her and her groomsman to perform when being announced at the reception. As you... Read more »

there's an app for that: bridal planning

Brides-to-be know that one of the best ways to get a meeting with their planner started is to bring a mood board. Some show up with folders filled with images printed from websites, ripped out of magazines, or taken at their friends weddings, others have been keeping a photo album if their dream day for... Read more »

the bridesmaid without a dress: a cautionary tale

A couple weeks ago, while I was walking home from work, I got a frantic call from a girlfriend saying she desperately needed bridesmaid advice. Before I tell this story, let me just say there are countless (way more times than I’d like to admit) times this type of thing has happened to me, but... Read more »

a classic first dance song for your wedding

my heart. it swoons. 

movie review: bridesmaids

It’s no surprise that I love Kristen Wiig–I’ve (kind of) asked her to be in my wedding, I wrote an homage to her the very second I discovered she had written and starred in a movie about Bridesmaids, and I dragged my boyfriend to said movie on opening night because I was so excited I... Read more »

the good fight: when winning doesn't matter

In every relationship I have been in, competitiveness has been fully present–like when my co-worker and I dated and got promoted at the same time, or when my current boyfriend (whom I met when I bought a ping-pong table from him off craigslist) and I played our first game on said table and my roommate... Read more »

are you going to see bridesmaids?

  Happy Friday, friends! Are you going to see the movie Bridesmaids this weekend? My boyfriend was reluctant (and by reluctant, I mean he was completely refusing) to see it, but after Dean Richards’ glowing review this morning on WGN News, in which he called it a “fantastic date movie” and gave it an A-, my... Read more »

use your bridesmaid dress for charity...and a new dress!

  Remember when your friend had you wear that bridesmaid dress that was neon yellow/an orange floral pattern/a super awkward length/really ill-fitting/something you felt okay about but would never ever wear again? Well, my dear readers, it is now your time to thank her, because finally, finally, there is a light at the end of the closet... Read more »