romantic spring sleepwear

Happy Monday, readers! I hope you all enjoyed the unseasonably warm Sunday we had as much as I did. After a super productive day of running around our neighborhood and Spring cleaning our apartment in one of my favorite sundresses, I was closing up our place for the night and irrationally wished I could get into bed without changing. Not because I was overtired but because the air had a sticky quality, and my room never quite cools down as much as the rest of the house. And then, remarkably, my brain caught up with me and realized surprise! There actually are dresses made to sleep in when the weather heats up. The idea seems so much freer than the typical cotton shorts and tank top (and let's be honest, the oversized sweatpants in the winter) I typically wear, and there is something effortlessly romantic about the look as well. And I have a hunch that a certain someone would not complain if I made the switch from a ratty tank and sorority athletic shorts to something more feminine. Here are some of my top contenders.  1. Victoria's Secret slip, $35

What do you sleep in? Does it change from season to season?
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