new show for couples: happy endings

new show for couples: happy endings
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Despite it's questionable title, I found myself watching Happy Endings when it came on during my nightly work out and was pleasantly surprised. Liking a primetime sitcom on first viewing almost never happens to me--some of my favorite shows took weeks for me to even give a chance (Friends went through that forced awkward stage the first year and even How I Met Your Mother annoyed me until episode four), and even if I do find it somewhat interesting, rarely do I laugh out loud. So when I found myself guffawing more than once, I knew I was hooked. 

Happy Endings is based on a smart and not entirely unrealistic premise--a couple shares friends, and when their upcoming marriage falls apart in fantastic form,--she leaves him at the altar--the group is left to figure out how to divide their loyalties. I came in mid-way, so I missed all the set-ups, but the chemistry among the cast flows freely and the comedic timing of more predictable moments--accidental falling, cutting insults--comes off natural and, most importantly, funny. 
Among the six leads, familiar faces abound--Elisha Cuthbert, as the fickle former bride-to-be, makes one of her most memorable returns to TV since 24, and the show is even smart enough to self-depricate; at one point, while a friend is convincing her to date again, she poses an "end of the world" scenario by asking if she would meet a guy if it meant it would "save her from being trapped in a cave with a cougar".  Pop culture addicts will pick up on references to "exit through the gift shop" and other cleverly placed lines, and the male leads not only can act, but are easy on the eyes, too. Bonus: the show is set in Chicago, so references to Bucktown on national TV are always fun.
What do you think, readers? Have you seen it? Will you give it a try? I will let you know what the boyfriend thinks--he is probably reading this and already making sure he has an alternate TV secured to watch whatever game is on that night. 

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