DIY shower dessert: homemade cake pops

Truth be told, one of my favorite parts of attending or throwing bridal or baby showers is the food. Of course, I love spending time with my friends and anticipating the big life change ahead, and the bonding with them takes the cake, but man...speaking of the cake. Showers tend to have various forms of cakes, usually in cute baby or bride themed shapes, with delicious frosting or filling or both, and there's nothing quite like the nap you take after a shower when you're in a post-food coma and your sugar high has just worn off.

This past weekend was no exception, and my endlessly impressive friend Ashley--who, by the way, has a one-year-old of her own--not only hosted our friend's baby shower at her house, but proceeded to make ridiculously addicting cake-pops that were, to me, the equivalent of mixing cookie dough with cake batter and putting it on top of a stick. In other words, they were insanely amazing. And Ashley isn't an unattainable Martha Stewart type, she's a real, down-to-earth girl with a husband and a daughter and a job and a life that is hectic and happy and not filled with back-to-back crafting and baking parties, so yes, you can do this, too. Below, she is gracious enough to share the instructions on how to make it. (And p.s. it is very difficult to write out a recipe for cakepops without sounding unintentionally dirty. I apologize in advance.)

You'll Need (for 48 cakepops):

1. Cake Mix and all necessary ingredients to make cake

2. An old shirt box

3. Lollipop sticks (can be found at Michael's or any craft store)

4. Melting chocolates (same as above)

5. Cello bags (same as above)

6. Sprinkles if desired

Special thanks to Ashley for sharing this recipe with us! And thanks, as always, readers for visiting this blog. If you'd like to see more pictures from the shower, you can click here, or if you'd like to see some options for bridal or baby shower outfits this Spring, click here.


Have a lovely weekend! Next week we'll be talking about tips for throwing a stress-free shower, the launch of the new Kate Spade bridal line, and tips for guys on how to talk up a girl at a bar. Follow me on twitter @brooklynn15, and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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