always a bridesmaid: weekly themes

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Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed the sunny, if somewhat cool Thursday we had. At this point, I will relish any warmth we can get until the tease is finally over and Spring arrives. As I mentioned earlier this week, there are some new updates to Always a Bridesmaid; namely, each week will kick off a new theme and posts will arrive three times a week instead of five. Writing this blog is one of my favorite past-times and I want to make sure I am dedicating the type of time it deserves, so with my current schedule, new updates will occur Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Upcoming themes include bachelorette parties to please any type of bride, what girls wish guys knew, and creative ways to keep your relationship fresh. Next week the focus is on stress-free showers--baby and bridal--so be sure to come back for ways to save money, gift uniquely, and make the event fun and memorable for the bride-to-be. And on Wednesdays, keep an eye out for upcoming bridal news and events--I'll still keep you up to date on all things wedding Chicago as well. Thanks to each and every one of you for reading and coming back to AAB--and as always, email me with questions, comments or suggestions at 

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