six delicious shower dishes that won't bore your guests

Spring is just around the corner (please, please, please), and with that comes bridal luncheons, brunches, and showers. While I love mini chicken salad sandwiches and walnut apple salads as much as the next guest, it's always a fun surprise when an unexpected dish appears. If you're planning a bride-to-be party, or are in charge of bringing a dish to pass, check out some of the unique and delicious options below, from some of my favorite foodie bloggers. And please, if you have a particular unique fan favorite, send it my way at

1. sun-dried tomato polenta bites by Recipe Girl

6. grape and goat cheese pizza with rosemary by In Good Taste

Have I mentioned I like cheese?
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  • Since I'm a dude, I'll probably never see a baby shower. So, I'm a bit bummed that I'll probably never taste some of these goodies, especially the grape & goat cheese pizza with rosemary, damn, that looks as good as probably one of the bridesmaids.

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