mini makeup palettes: a bridesmaid essential

Happy Monday, friends! Let's kick off the week with a fun, girly topic (sorry, boys): makeup. And more importantly, what makeup to carry with you when you're in a wedding. One of the questions I get asked a lot on this blog is what the key essentials are to include in the purse during the wedding and reception. While this can vary from girl to girl, one of the most convenient (and for me, most used) pieces is the makeup palette kit. Today, there is really a different mix for any type of occasion--whether it be just eyes, cheeks, or the whole kit and caboodle. Below are some of my favorite picks for your next wedding. Even if you're a guest, most of these will come in handy for bathroom touch-ups, and chances are you'll probably come to the rescue of another guest in need.  sephora beauty in a box goddess palette, $36


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