in the clutch gift resource: francesca's collections

When I was little, one of my favorite parts of visiting my grandmother's house was her Ribbon Room. Before I was born, her and my grandfather had owned and operated a delightful gift boutique in North Kingstown, Rhode Island called The Birdcage, and while I never had the fantastic privilege of visiting this shop while it was open, I was blessed enough to spend hour upon hour with the wares she had saved, from the smallest of figurines and trinkets to beautiful grosgrain and patterned ribbons and packages. In my mind, this was the epitome of classic gift shops--shelves overflowing with treasures you didn't even realize you needed, corners hiding the  perfect present you've been searching for whether it be for a friend, parent, teacher, or boss. It's hard to find such shops these days--it seems most focus on clothing, makeup, or a certain brand, but when I walk into Francesca's, my nostalgic heart skips a beat. This is a shop my grandma would love and be proud of, a store to get lost in, and to walk out of with a bag filled with gifts for your next birthday party, bachelorette night out, bridal shower, and engagement dinner. Check out some of their selections below, and visit their website or their locations in Bucktown, Lakeview or Lincoln Park for a charming shopping experience. 

p.s. Many brides are even getting their bridesmaids' favors and jewelry there!

Do you have a go-to shop to find the perfect gift? I'd love to hear!

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