flashback: wedding in mexico

In a desperate attempt to keep my spirits up until warmer weather finally gets here, let's take a look back at one of the first weddings I attended while writing this blog, an event that happened a year ago to the day on Sunday. While the lucky couple is celebrating their first anniversary in Florida and neglected to invite all of their guests for a repeat party, the rest of us can enjoy the memories of their week-long wedding festivities in Cancun, Mexico. 

A destination wedding is a little bit of a risk, as you have to gamble on the number of people who can come, and guarantee there will be a certain amount who cannot travel for various reasons, but when done well, as in Michelle and Nathan's case, they are absolutely incredible. Just enough time had passed for me from the last time I visited Mexico (on Spring Break in college, details of which will be assumed, and never discussed on this blog) for this trip to be a welcome return, day after day filled with sun, boat drinks, and quality time with friends. 
One of the best things about a destination event is how close you become to the other guests there--by the end of the trip, it feels like a mini family. And I am not going to lie--there is no reception that quite compares to the type of party held on an open patio facing the ocean, replete with sombreros, a live DJ, and roaming waiters serving up tequila poppers. Take a look at some of my favorite pictures below, if you'd like, and let me know if you've ever been to a destination wedding. 

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