custom DIY art for the home

downtown date 1802.jpg

Don't be nervous, friends--I would never get us into a DIY hole we couldn't get out of--let's remember, this writer decided the week before hosting her family for Thanksgiving that she would score an armchair off of Craigslist and learn to reupholster in within four days, which ended with her sitting on said chair in her back stair well about an hour before her family came, crying in frustration. The chair later made an appearance during the family visit, but it was shoved into a corner with a blanket covering the whole abysmal project. My point is that I don't DIY beyond cutting things out and sticking them into frames. Which is why my adorable and creative friend Christina's idea struck a cord in my craft-challenged heart. Having just moved in with her boyfriend, their place strikes a perfect balance between classic and modern, while cueing up both feminine and masculine details--a tricky thing when melding tastes. My favorite detail, though, was exactly what this post was inspired by--a framed picture of a Scrabble board spelling out "Home Sweet Home" (especially fitting since she is an almost impossible-to-beat Scrabble player). As you can see above, this could be easily re-created with any sort of combination of words or phrases, but the simplicity and charm of this picture greeting guests when they enter fits perfectly into the character of the rest of their home. Best of all, Christina took the picture and framed it herself. Easy and inexpensive? Yes, please!

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