champagne lingerie on a beer budget

Let's kick off the middle of the week with some classy yet super sexy lingerie that won't break your budget. Fornight Lingerie believes that confidence comes in all sizes, offering a range that extends all the way from 30 to 38 A through E versus the standard range of 34-38 A-D. Not only that, but the line hints of old-world Marilyn Monroe-esque glamour, when women were called dames (which I love), and the standard pin-up was not stick skinny but had some meat on her bones. Regardless of body type, these pieces are hot in a way that won't make you feel ridiculous (as in "hey, I wore this for you but I am so uncomfortable I can barely come out of the bathroom so please turn out the lights and let's move on"). With lace negliges, cream triangle bralettes, and black silk robes, the wearability extends beyond romantic nights into the everyday, combining comfort with aesthetic to add a little seductiveness to any moment.  Available in limited supply on their etsy shop, or at one of the select retailers listed on their site. Happy seducing!

All shots via Fornight Lingerie.


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