5 Guys 90's TV Taught Me to Date

What the 90's may have lacked in fashion options (grunge? really?), it more than made up for with the peak of the overdramatic television series. Even the comedies had their serious moments that were cringingly cheesy (like the ridiculous fight Zack and Screech got into over Lisa Turtle or the time the kids found out Johnny Dakota, the celebrity filming an anti-drug commercial actually did drugs...cover your eyes, children!), and the dramas were completely off-the-radar, which is what made them so addictingly awesome. I distinctly remember finally getting a TV in my room during high school (one that had a circular dial to change stations) and being over-the-moon excited about watching 90210 without the disapproving eyes of my parents (because, really, what episode didn't have something that would have been mortifying to discuss with adults?). But what stands out to me most during those formative years were the lead male characters in my favorite shows--guys I had obsessive crushes on because I was too nervous at that age to have anything resembling an actual relationship in reality. (Yes, I had boyfriends during this time. And yes, I would talk to them endlessly on the phone. And yes, I would act increasingly awkward with them in person until I basically was completely mute anytime we were in each others' presence. It was a learning period.) From the bad boy to the best friend, my range of TV loves was extreme, but they all represented some semblance of the perfect guy--and little did I know at the time that they were planting a sense of what I'd be attracted to in the future. Without further suspense (after all, this isn't Melrose Place), I present to you five guys that 90's television taught me to date. Did I leave any out? Guys, were you in love with the Kelly Taylors and Kapowskis of the world?

I'm off to watch some Felicity re-runs (Noel and Ben just barely missed the cut!), but I'd love to hear what you think.  Have a fabulous weekend, and I'll see you back here Monday. And don't forget to follow me on twitter @brooklynn15 if you'd like.


images: 90210 wiki/ entertainment weekly/  ign/ loud mouth of show/ buzznet


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