my weekend in breckenridge: skiing recap

This weekend, I joined my boyfriend and  his family in Breckenridge, Colorado for what I thought would be a daily schedule of one to two hours of struggling on the slopes, and four to six hours of reading and drinking hot chocolate (to be spiked in the later hours of the day) in front of the lodge's roaring fireplace. To my surprise, not only did I spend most of my downtime outside basking in the sun--turns out Breckenridge's 35 degrees feels like Chicago's 55 degrees, especially when the sun is out--but I barely took any downtime because I fell so deeply in love with the actual act of skiing (thanks to my bf and his incredibly patient uncle and cousin). My boyfriend has been waiting for this moment since we went on our first date and I casually mentioned I used to ski (used to, as in between the ages of 8 and 10, which was 20 years ago). Luckily, muscle memory is an astounding thing, and after an initial slight scare in which I was rolling backwards towards a steep decline while the boyfriend shouted "oh s*#@!" at me (and this was literally two minutes into putting on boots again for the first time), I quickly got my ski legs back, and by the fourth run, I was hooked.  As I have mentioned before, one of the secrets I've heard from happy couple is to share two activities--one indoors and one out. If Bananagrams is our indoor activity, skiing just might have to be the outdoor. My muscles hurt in places I never dreamed, but all I can think about is the next time we can get back on a mountain.  Below, if you'd like to see, are some pictures from the trip. If you ever have a chance to visit Colorado, I cannot recommend it highly enough. But I warn you, leaving is close to impossible, and don't be surprised if you find yourself scouring Craigslist for rentals and jobs.

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