5 movies to skip this weekend

One of my favorite simple pleasures is going to the movies on a date. There's something so pure and high-school-ish about it, a night void of drinks, dancing, or any other activity beyond sitting quietly within inches of each other in a darkened theater, silently aware of the others' presence and the promise of future dates the end of the night could bring. This weekend, if I am lucky, I will visit a theater with someone, and if I am unlucky, I will see one of the following films. To be clearer, if anyone who I may or may not be going to the movies with in the future who is reading this, take note: five movies I would love to skip.  What about you readers? Have you seen any great--or horrible--movies lately?

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  • I'm with you on everything but the Beiber. We got dragged to it with our tween and all loved it.
    It's a lot of fun!

  • In reply to DavidWallach:

    Let's call a spade a spade. I'd probably love it too.

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