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anne hathaway oscar inspiration

While there were countless enviable red carpet looks at the Oscars on Sunday night, for me, the star of the fashion show was Anne Hathaway and her eight outfit changes. What I loved most is how her hair changed to match the feel of each dress in which she appeared. It reminded me of My... Read more »

in the clutch gift resource: francesca's collections

When I was little, one of my favorite parts of visiting my grandmother’s house was her Ribbon Room. Before I was born, her and my grandfather had owned and operated a delightful gift boutique in North Kingstown, Rhode Island called The Birdcage, and while I never had the fantastic privilege of visiting this shop while... Read more »

Bridesmaids: a new movie from Kristen Wiig and Judd Apatow (plus Wiig's best SNL moments)

For years, men have monopolized the outrageous wedding comedy category with movies like Wedding Crashers, Bachelor Party, and The Hangover. Female-targeted movies tended to stay in the romantic safe-laugh area, ranging from the somewhat endearing 27 Dresses to the absolutely skippable Monster-in-Law. Leave it to the funniest gal on TV on Saturday night to shake... Read more »

five wedding first dance song contenders

five wedding first dance song contenders
As a romantic way to kick off the weekend, and a way for me to avoid getting angry about how Spring keeps teasing us but then leaving us with our current partner, Winter, who is becoming really aggressive and needy and always throwing tantrums but then asking if we’re mad, let’s listen to five songs... Read more »

5 movies to skip this weekend

5 movies to skip this weekend
One of my favorite simple pleasures is going to the movies on a date. There’s something so pure and high-school-ish about it, a night void of drinks, dancing, or any other activity beyond sitting quietly within inches of each other in a darkened theater, silently aware of the others’ presence and the promise of future... Read more »

rachel bilson launches dinnerware line

When it comes to my celebrity style icons, no one ranks higher on my list than Rachel Bilson. Somehow, whatever she wears comes off as effortless and cool, a feat made easier, I am sure, by having a full-time stylist (and by the fact that she’s approximately a size negative two and is gorgeous). And... Read more »

etsy bridesmaid jewelry

The other day, a friend wrote me asking for advice on where to purchase bridesmaid jewelry at an affordable price. A common occurrence of weddings I have stood up in has been the lucky fate of the bride to have a friend who makes jewelry, but if you don’t fall into this category, is... Read more »

romantic etsy shop: lucy snowe photography

I love the idea of filling a bedroom–whether it belongs to newlyweds, children, or a guests–with fuzzy, romantic photographs. Something about it conjures up relaxation and sweet dreams for those sleeping under them. My constant search for this type of art brought me to Lucy Snowe Photography on, a mere treasure trove of dream-like pictures perfect for... Read more »

my weekend in breckenridge: skiing recap

This weekend, I joined my boyfriend and  his family in Breckenridge, Colorado for what I thought would be a daily schedule of one to two hours of struggling on the slopes, and four to six hours of reading and drinking hot chocolate (to be spiked in the later hours of the day) in front of the... Read more »

BHLDN: Anthropologie officially launches bridal line

As I mentioned before, Anthro announced plans to launch a line of bridal wares, and appropriately, the unveiling occurred on Valentine’s Day. In typical Anthropologie fashion, each piece is ethereal, vintage-inspired, and with that slightly comforting old-world mixed with cozy quirkiness that they’re famous for. Below, some of my favorite picks from the line, which... Read more »