wedding hair inspired by the golden globes

For those of you who tuned into the Golden Globes on Sunday, you probably witnessed Ricky Gervais become increasingly less popular with the audience, Natalie Portman give an eloquent acceptance speech with a distractingly large red rose perched awkwardly on her chest, and Michael Douglas handle his standing ovation with humor and class. But the real reason a gal watches is the fashion and style these celebs bring to the table each year. And as an added perk for those with upcoming weddings on the calendar, awards shows are a perfect bed of inspiration for hairstyles. Check out some of the best below from  awards' shows past.

And yes, I know there are a lot of Miley Cyrus photos on here, but the girl has a surprising number of cute accessible hairstyles for formal events, okay?

Images from here, here, and here.

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