the worst reality dating shows

When I was in college, I took a class in which we had to predict something that was to happen in the next five years, and I claimed that reality TV would all but take over our viewing habits. Well, friends, call me the pop culture Nostradamus because while there are still a lot of scripted shows worth watching--How I Met Your Mother, Men of a Certain Age, reruns of the Hills (hey-yo!)--reality TV is on almost every channel, seemingly every hour of the day. And despite a glaring lack of success, the most popular of these seems to be the dating show. So in honor of the launch of the 15th (oh yes, that number is accurate) season of The Bachelor, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the ridiculousness that has contstituted dating on national television (and take note--this excludes any celebrity dating shows!). Friend, will you accept this slideshow?

1. joe millionaire

2. tempation island

3. who wants to marry a millionaire

4. dating in the dark

5. paradise hotel

6. elimiDATE

7. blind date

8. the bachelor pad


So what do you think? Did I leave any off the list? Are you going to watch this season of the Bachelor?


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