martinis and makeovers: VIP Bachelorette Chicago

Last weekend, as mentioned here, I celebrated the end of my friend Jackie's single years with a bachelorette party that took us from Brando's to Spy Bar in a limosuine bus around the city. Like many a party before it, this one contained bridesmaids, friends, moms, aunts, and one very enthusiastic, happy, brunette pint-sized bride-to-be. As someone who writes a blog based on the sheer amount of weddings I have stood up in and attended, my bachelorette party attendance is high, but this evening exposed me to two new practices--and no, don't get excited about the use of the word exposed. First, the attendees paid a flat fee for the entire night which included transportation, open bar at the first location, food, and our makeup done, as well as free entry to Spy Bar and a free round of drinks.That's not a bad deal for the guests because they only have to worry about tipping and extra drinks, and it's great for the maid-of-honor or planner because she collects all money up front. (Side note: my first bachelorette party was for my bff from pre-school. She was also my first friend to get married, so I was a little bit of a novice, and a little bit of a bat-out-of-hell. And while the party included every possible event under the sun that Chicago has to offer for young girls on the town, I also learned about the value of focusing on one or two events vs. fitting in seventeen things in one evening. And the value of remembering the bag of the bride-to-be's gifts instead of leaving them on the bus and having to go to the bus depot the next morning after too many martinis retrieve them).   The bus was also BYOB which was great to save money at the second bar--as if open bar at the first wasn't enough. But the most unique aspect of this party was getting makeovers while sipping martinis at Brando's. And come to find out, the maid-of-honor planned the whole night through a service that packaged everything together for her in one flat rate for the guests. So what was this magic service? 

Enter VIP Bachelorette Chicago, a company that acts as a portal for all of the events I tried to fit into my friend's party and allows you to pick and choose the ones you see best for your bachelorette. Best of all, they offer a wide range of selections for any group--from makeovers at bars, like we enjoyed, to VIP bar crawls (no line, no cover, open bar), lingerie parties, pole-dancing classes, and even psychic readings. Whatever your friend enjoys, it's likely you'll find some form of it on this site, and a way to bring it to the group in an organized fashion. Below are just a few of the selections they offer--as well as a pic from my friend's party. Best of all, you don't plan for the services--only for the actual package bought (and the bride-to-be is free!) Check out their website here for a full menu and details on how to plan your own VIP party.


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