dresses for warm winter vacations



Remember this feeling? Some of us can't handle a minute more of winter and are taking the opportunity to fly away to warmer weather. This weekend, my friend mentioned she was having a hard time finding perfect vacation dresses in the middle of January, so here's a little sampling of what would be in my suitcase if, say, someone wanted to surprise me with tickets to Florida tomorrow.

1. teal ruffle dress, $36

2. striped dress, $46

3. orange sweetheart dress, $48

4. tuxedo strapless dress, $60

5. billabong strapless, $39.50

6. black and white maxi dress, 29.50

7. black flowered dress, 36 lbs

8. white flower dress, 38 lbs

9. black short sleeve dress, 55 lbs

10. cream strappy dress, 46 lbs

11. black and white checked dress, $27.50

12. red flower dress, $59

13. red zippered dress

14. cape back dress, $60.34

15. front drape dress, 68.96


What about you, readers? Are you going anywhere fun during the next three months? I might be embarking on my first trip to Colorado, for which I am excited about partly to buy cozy ski clothes. Happy Monday!


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