cozy snow day: essentials for a romantic lockdown

This afternoon is allegedly the dawn of a new age in which we will all live out of eskimos and commute by snowshows. An attempted quick trip to the gym and grocery store last night resulted in me driving around the parking garage for ten minutes while fifteen cars battled for two available spots, and ended in me digging through piles of generic brand mild colby jack cheese in a search for sharp cheddar. While dairy products are a lovely thing to have on hand if you're snowed in, some cozier--and more romantic--options are below. There's something inherently intimate about being forced to stay inside with someone; about having hours inside with no choice but to hunker down and enjoy it. Snow days--or nights--are one of the midwest's scariest scenarios if you're traveling, but also one of its simplest blessings if you're ready for them. And based on the barren aisles of Strack and Van Til, the west side of Chicago is more than ready.

What are you going to do with your snowday?


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