5 for Friday: Reasons a NYE Wedding is a Great Idea

As I mentioned here, on New Year's Eve this year, my boyfriend and I attended a wedding in the suburbs. While the prospect of spending time at one place the entire night on NYE would have been a major bummer at 21, now that I am the wise age of 30, staying at one place with an open bar, crowd control, and mix of young and old sounded absolutely heavenly. Below are some of the pics from the night as well as the five reasons I loved dancing on a reception floor when the clock rang in 2011.  

So what do you think, readers? Would you ever--or did you--have your wedding on a holiday or New Year's Eve? 

P.S. Two fun side notes from the wedding:

1. I randomly ended up sitting next to a girl I was on the dance squad with in high school, who I adore and haven't seen in ages, making a fun night even better because of an added surprise. And, of course because of the subsequent countless and obnoxious references to our dance routines.

2. Shortly after midnight, I was dancing around sans heels and got a small piece of glass in my foot. Fueled by champagne, I bravely marched to the bathroom to pull it out and promptly had a breakdown after two failed attempts, resulting in me hissing from the Womens' Door for my boyfriend to come in the bathroom and help me. He finally convinced me that was not appropriate and had me go into the corner of the lobby where removed it on the first try. All payback for this lovely incident. I did it for you, Jules. And consider this yet another lesson to wear shoes you can dance in because dance floors are like glass minefields at weddings.

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