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cozy snow day: essentials for a romantic lockdown

This afternoon is allegedly the dawn of a new age in which we will all live out of eskimos and commute by snowshows. An attempted quick trip to the gym and grocery store last night resulted in me driving around the parking garage for ten minutes while fifteen cars battled for two available spots, and ended in me digging... Read more »

monday motivation: 25 hot swimsuits to get you to the gym

monday motivation: 25 hot swimsuits to get you to the gym
In preparation for this Tuesday evening’s predicted seven hundred feet of snow, I thought it would be a perfect time to start imagining Summer is just around the corner instead of endless weeks away. The ultimate cruel trick of winters in the midwest is their deceiving length, to the point that you forget all about your warm-weather... Read more »

five for friday: top 5 "it's not you, it's me" songs by guys

Yes, Paul isn't blaming his commitment issues on his personality or his job, but he IS seeking advice on how to leave the woman he is committed to from the minx he is cheating with. At least the other guys are up front about not wanting a relationship! Shame on you, Mr. Simon.
Happy weekend, friends! For today’s Five for Friday, we’re taking a look at that special combination of good looks and rampant fear of commitment–the guy who insists the relationship isn’t working out because of the way his DNA is wired. It seems that this particularly appealing type of gentleman finds a great amount of success in... Read more »

dishing over dishes: dinners with friends can soothe the soul

Last night I went out to dinner with one of my best girlfriends, a habit we try to keep alive at least once every other month at our favorite Thai place in my neighborhood. Like many TV shows built around friendships, some of our most profound and revealing conversations happen in the bright cozy confines of... Read more »

martinis and makeovers: VIP Bachelorette Chicago

Last weekend, as mentioned here, I celebrated the end of my friend Jackie’s single years with a bachelorette party that took us from Brando’s to Spy Bar in a limosuine bus around the city. Like many a party before it, this one contained bridesmaids, friends, moms, aunts, and one very enthusiastic, happy, brunette pint-sized bride-to-be.... Read more »

maggiano's free dinner: what I learned this weekend

if you're attending a Chicago Cares event. Like one where smart, insightful teenagers cook breakfast and play a mean game of bingo with generous, funny senior citizens at Ruth Shriman apartments. And one where you hear advice being doled out like "don't date boring girls" and "money speaks louder to women than anything you could say with your mouth." Oh, wisdom.
This city is filled with unexpected discoveries waiting for you if you’re willing to look, and this weekend was no exception. The other day I announced with complete sincerity that I am more in love with Chicago now than I ever have been before. Part of that is due to my confidence in familiarity and... Read more »

dating jackpot: start planning now for Chicago restaurant week

If I had unlimited funds and a sky-high metabolism, I would most definitely be an obnoxious foodie. When I actually go out to eat at the restaurants you see in Chicago Magazine, my experience consistently ranks as heavenly. The amount of times I audibly gasped while at Girl and the Goat was borderline pornographic and I thought–nay!... Read more »

wednesday is for lovers: five romantic links for your mid-week slump

Happy hump day! Here’s a round-up of ten things that will make your heart lift and add some sweetness to an otherwise grey and dreary day. 5. This song by hip-hop’s sweatheart, Bruno Mars. (Thank you Micah!)   Check out more romance here, and follow me on twitter @brooklynn15. Image and Info Links: History of Love... Read more »

jump on the bandwagon, ladies: why now is a perfect time for a chicago sports date

Remember him? Remember 3peats? Remember knowing, without even being able to identify the concept, that you were watching the Greatest to Ever Play the Game? Well, Derrick Rose is not MJ (who is?), but he is a star on a swift rise. And the Bulls have won 19 of their last 25 games, a feat not matched at this point in the season by a previous Bulls team since the 97-98 team. And guess what season that was? The last one with Jordan, and the last one to garner a trophy. I am just saying...without saying (and jinxing) what I could be saying.
On New Year’s Day this year, I announced to my boyfriend that one of my resolutions was to be the sports’ expert in the relationship. As mentioned here, that would be next to impossible unless I were to quit my job, stay at home, and watch solely ESPN and the station’s affiliates 24/7 for the... Read more »

wedding hair inspired by the golden globes

For those of you who tuned into the Golden Globes on Sunday, you probably witnessed Ricky Gervais become increasingly less popular with the audience, Natalie Portman give an eloquent acceptance speech with a distractingly large red rose perched awkwardly on her chest, and Michael Douglas handle his standing ovation with humor and class. But the real... Read more »