necking in public: how much PDA is okay?


While I was home shopping for Christmas Eve dinner at our local Wal-Mart, I had the uncomfortable luck of following around a couple who was so lovesick and touchy that I felt as though I was actually shopping in their kitchen pantry as they had a candlight dinner instead of the aisles of the frozen food section. They literally could not keep their hands off each other, which on one hand was slightly heartwarming, but on the other was exceedingly uncomfortable, especially since they were a. approximately 14-years-old and b. shopping directly beside one of their mothers. Family member presence aside, it's easy to pass this incident off to age--after all, most of us can recall visions of PDA-filled relationships around the 8th to 9th grade range (one particularly mortifying incident of getting lectured about kissing in the hall still makes me cringe to think about). But after the age of 18, being overly affectionate in public tends to be less common--or at least less ignored. While I am all for small amounts of affection in public at the right moment, I have to admit, partaking in a high amount of PDA makes me squirm, especially depending on the situation. If I am around roommates or friends, I tend to keep it to a minimum out of respect for the space we're sharing, but I surprised myself by acting crazy awkward in front of a waiter the other night with my boyfriend. We were holding hands across the table (gasp!) and the minute he came to ask for our drinks, I snatched my hands away as though we were doing something scandalous. Of course, this caused the waiter to start acting uncomfortably and me to start giggling nervously until the whole thing got so weird that he just walked away. On another date, my vision directly lined up with a couple who proceeded to grow so increasingly drunk and gropey that by dessert, my mouth was literally hanging open because they kept distracting me. So how about you, readers? Have you ever been embarrassed by PDA--either as a participant or witnessing someone else in the middle of it? How much is too much for you?

And if you can't get enough PDA, here's a [little reminder](

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  • It's WAY before the nipple makes an appearance. I'm uncomfortable with any public face sucking.

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