date looks vs friend looks: do you dress up more with your guy or gals?

Have you ever heard the theory that girls dress more for girls than they do for guys? Not in a romantic sense, but because girls would compliment and appreciate, say, your new Marc Jacobs bag, or squeal with delight over the scarf you snatched up for five bucks from Target, while guys sometimes have to be gently reminded that you changed your hair color from blonde to brunette. When my boyfriend and  I started getting more serious, we would have date nights where I would take special care to choose the right dress, boots, necklace and jacket and he would show up (looking cute, of course) in jeans and a polo. After we talked about it, I realized it wasn't that he didn't think the date was important--it was just that he was comfortable with me and didn't know I would be dressing up because I didn't bother to tell him. Now when we make date plans, all I need to say is "I'm wearing a dress" and we're on the same page. But when it comes to what guys find attractive vs. what girls think is cute, the pages can be extremely different--as in not even in the same library. In relationships, do you tend to recognize what your partners likes you wearing and lean more towards that or do you stay true to your style throughout?

One of my best friends from college and I share a very similar taste in style which is not always in line with what our guys would pick (or even understand) making for some awesome commentary on the their part (i.e. "the hipster boots again!" or "that's a top? I thought it was a skirt"). But the great think about being with someone is being comfortable with who you are around them--whether they fully understand it or not, at least they support it. Below are some looks I'd love to wear on a date, depending on what we were doing. Do you pick your night-out clothes differently if you're going out with your man vs. a group of gals? Is it something you even think about?


And if your next date with your man is a wedding (like mine is on New Year's Eve!), here are some options for your get-up, whether you like yellow dresses, bold clutches, nude shoes, or just a great NYE dress.

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